Tokenized Wearables

Blur the lines between physical and digital worlds. Create and sell unique, scarce and certified customized apparel through ecommerce.


The Non-Fungible Token enters the Merchadise Ecosystem. The NFT creator chooses a selection of products from our catalog to sell through Ecommerce


Asset-backed tokens are minted on-demand for every physical product clients purchase on the Ecommerce.

Create, define & sell extraordinary products

It’s this simple

1. Wallet authentication

Once your digital wallet has been validated, you are ready to reach out to us and unlock the Merch Experience.

2. Sell online

Define the products & quantity of ABTs to be sold on-demand. We launch your Ecommerce store in a matter of days.

3. Client enters the NFT Merch Experience

ABT arrives in The Wow Box, the ultimate gamified packaging. Client shares on social with a QR.

Artistic Freedom

We turn Screen Art into Street Wear
Direct To Garment
Direct To Garment
Direct Transfer Film
Direct Transfer Film

Merch Experiences for the web3 community